Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wooded path in autumn Sun embroidery

Wooded path in autumn Sun

material is velvet and cloth of gold. On it
are embroidered figures of the Virgin Mary
and St. John the Baptist, and several members
of the Fayrey family, with the arms of the
Mercers 1 and Haberdashers' Companies.

The Worcester pall is in the possession
of the Clothiers' Company of that city. It
bears every indication of having been made
from church vestments. The long em-
broidered bands with figures of saints are
parts of orphreys, and the embroidered de-
vices on the velvet angels, double-headed
eagles, fleurs-de-lys, etc. are frequently found,
as we have seen, on vestments of the end of
the fifteenth century.

A fine pall * of the same period is in the
possession of the Saddlers' Company of Lon-
don. The ground is of crimson velvet, em-
broidered with angels surrounding the sacred
monogram IHS, and with the arms of the

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