Thursday, March 1, 2012

Still life with Apples embroidery

Still life with Apples

The chasuble and the two dalmatics are
apparently made from two copes. The first
is embroidered with scenes from the life and
miracles of St. Nicholas; fragments of this
are also included in the dalmatics. Among
the other scenes represented on the dalmatics
are the martyrdoms of St. Thomas of Canter-
bury and St. Edmund the King.

A fine cope from Ascoli, now in the posses-
sion of Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan (Plates 8, 9)
is somewhat similar in arrangement to that
at Anagni. The three circular compartments
down the middle enclose representations of
the Head of our Lord, the Crucifixion, and
the Virgin and Child with two angels holding
candelabra. In the other circles are represented
the martyrdoms of St. Peter and the follow-
ing popes : Marcellus (drawing a harrow),
John, Clement (thrown into the sea), Stephen
(decapitated), Fabianus ; then six canonized
popes SS. Silvester, Hilarius, Leo, Gregory,
Lucius, and Anastasius ; and lastly, four
popes of the thirteenth century Alexander,
Urban, Clement, and Innocent. The orphrey
is embroidered in gold with circles and
lozenges interlaced, and the small triangular
hood has two angels swinging censers.

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