Thursday, March 1, 2012

St. Catherine embroidery design

St Catherine

A building was at last erected for its reception,
where it has been on view almost without
interruption since 1842. In that year it was
relined, and the injured portions restored.

Very few examples of English needlework
of the twelfth century are known. There is
some doubt as to the correctness of the tra-
dition which assigns to Archbishop Thomas
& Becket, of Canterbury (martyred 1170), the
beautiful chasuble and mitre in Sens Cathe-
dral. The golden scrollwork with which
each is embroidered is of a simple and
dignified character. They may perhaps be
English, but the influence of Byzantine
tradition was still dominant, and national
characteristics had not strongly developed.
We are on safer ground with regard to some
important fragments preserved in the library
of Worcester Cathedral. These consist of
shreds of vestments, taken in the year 1870
from the stone coffin of a bishop, probably
William de Blois, who held the see from
1218 to 1236. Some portions of a silken
stole and maniple (?) are, beyond doubt,
earlier than this bishop's time

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