Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pink Rose embroidery design

Pink Rose

Angels, some with instruments of music, others holding
crowns, occupy the intervening spaces. On
the orphrey are royal and ecclesiastical saints
under canopies. These canopies have the
lions' or leopards' heads, so frequently seen
in English work. The cope may have been
worked a few years after the Syon cope, but not
later than the end of the thirteenth century.

It is on record that Pope Boniface VIII.
made a gift to the cathedral at Anagni, near
Rome, of some English embroideries. The
treasury of the cathedral is very rich in em-
broidered vestments, but some difference of
opinion prevails as to which of them are
English. I have never seen the vestments, but
from an examination of photographs, I am
convinced that a cope, a chasuble (Plate 7),
and two dalmatics are all entirely of English
embroidery, with the exception of the orphrey
of the chasuble, which is German, and added
probably at the time that this and the dalmatics
were made from fragments of copes.* On
the cope are scenes from the history of our
Lord and of the Virgin Mary, arranged in a
series of circular compartments

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