Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oak Grove embroidery design

Oak Grove

A central subject, frequently the
Assumption of the Virgin, is surrounded by
numerous devices disposed in a radiating
manner, so as to fall into position when the
cope is worn. The devices are chiefly double-
headed eagles, fleurs-de-lys, Tudor roses, and
others of a floral character ; they are usually
extended by a curious arrangement of radi-
ating lines, dotted with spangles, a feature
which adds considerably to the lightness and
gracefulness of the work, and helps to soften
the contrast between the gold embroidery
and the dark ground. Among these devices
are almost always placed a number of six-
winged seraphs, standing upon wheels
(evidently borrowed from the description of
Ezekiel's vision), and holding scrolls inscribed
usually with the legend DA GLORIAM
DEO.* Chasubles and altar-frontals gene-
rally have devices of the same type ; frequently
they bear evidence of having been made from

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