Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Mare and Her Foal embroidery

A Mare and Her Foal

The frontal from Baunton is of satin in
alternate breadths of red and yellow, the em-
broidery being in gold thread and coloured
silks (Plate 28). The main subject is the
Crucifixion of our Lord, with an elaborate
rebus below;* on either side are double-
headed eagles at regular intervals. The
frontal at Alveley church is of somewhat
similar arrangementf

Two chasubles from Hexham f have
evidently been made from copes, as the radi-
ating arrangement of the devices testifies.
One is of crimson velvet; the cross-shaped
orphrey is a curious example of patchwork,
the left transom being made from the cope
morse, and the right transom from odd frag-
ments. The other chasuble, of blue velvet,
has no figures; the floral designs are, how-
ever, very beautiful, and render this vestment
well worthy of study

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