Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lodge on Lake Como embroidery design

Lodge on Lake Como

The ground below is strewn
with flowers, and between the two figures is
a lily in a vase. The surrounding devices
present an unusual feature; upon them are
monograms representing the word MARIA
and the sacred monogram IHC.

The cope at Skenfrith is of velvet ; the
subject in the middle is the Virgin Mary
borne aloft by three angels, with other angels
around. The rest of the cope is covered with
double-headed eagles, fleurs-de-lys, and floral
devices. On the hood is a seated figure of
the Virgin Mary holding the Infant Saviour
in her arms. The orphrey is embroidered
with figures of saints beneath canopies.

A chasuble* at Hullavington has been
converted into a square hanging for an altar.
The cross-shaped orphrey from the back
represents the Crucifixion of our Lord, with
St. Mary Magdalene under a canopy below.
Fragments of the front orphrey are placed at
the corners. The remaining space is covered
with seraphim holding scrolls inscribed " Da
Gloriam Deo," fleurs-de-lys, and other floral

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