Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Schoolgirl embroidery design

A Little Schoolgirl

In its broad sense it indicates simply
what the words imply, opus being of course
restricted to the work of the needle. Among
the characteristics of this " English work,"
one which in itself has been considered to
afford sufficient evidence of such an origin is
found in the treatment of the faces. These are
generally worked in a kind of spiral starting
from the centre of the cheek; the effect is
afterwards emphasized by the pressure of a
heated iron instrument of rounded form.
There are other characteristics which will be
seen to be very usual in \ti\sopusAnglicanum
of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.
The bearded figures generally present a
shaven upper lip, and the foreheads are
abnormally high and broad. The hair and
beard are often of an unnatural colour. Birds
are very frequently represented, particularly
in the spandrels of the canopies. As regards
architectural details, twisted or interlaced
columns are not uncommon, and a leopard's
head with protruding tongue somewhat re-
sembling the mark used for English silver-
smiths' work is often found, sometimes
taking the place of a capital. A peculiar
foliated lion's mask occurs in several ex-

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