Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life Of Roses embroidery

Life Of Roses 1

The heads of the three missing figures
may still be seen round the lower edge. It
was, perhaps, at the time of this curtailment
that the present orphrey, morse, and outer
border were added ; the last, as Mr. St. John
Hope has remarked, being made from a
stole and maniple.* Both orphrey and outer
band are covered with shields of arms, which
have been fully described by Dr. Rock.f
That eminent authority points out that many
of the shields belong to families well known
to have been living in the neighbourhood of
Coventry. He concludes that the orphreys,
as well as the cope, were embroidered in the
vicinity of that town.

There is in the Madrid Museum a cope,J
formerly at the Daroca College, which in
some respects resembles the Syon cope. The
subjects here are also enclosed by barbed
quatrefoils, these being united by coiling
dragons. Within the quatrefoils are repre-
sented the Crucifixion, the Annunciation

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