Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holy Family embroidery design

Holy Family

HE Norman Conquest does not
seem to have given any appre-
ciable check to the production
of embroideries in England.
Among the documents bearing
on the period, the will of Matilda, queen
of William the Conqueror, is of some interest.
It was made the year of her death (1083),
and is now preserved in the National
Library in Paris. Among her benefactions
is the following

" I give to the Abbey of the Holy Trinity
[at Caen, founded by herself] my tunic,
worked at Winchester by Alderet's wife, and
the mantle embroidered with gold, which is
in my chamber, to make a cope. Of my two
golden girdles, I give that which is orna-
mented with emblems for the purpose of
suspending the lamp before the great altar.
I give my large candelabra, made at Saint Lo,
my crown, my sceptre, my cups in their cases,
another cup made in England, with all my
horse-trappings, and all my vessels except

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