Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Hermitage At Pontoise - Pissarro

The Hermitage At Pontoise

The embroidered
fragment at Lutterworth, which has been
attributed to the time of Wicklif, bears
characteristic devices of the later years of
the fifteenth century.

An altar-cloth* at Lyng, preserves the
remains of three vestments : (a) a cope of
blue velvet, with cherubim and seraphim,
double - headed eagles, and conventional
flowers ; (/3) small portions of a cope of red
velvet, with half-length figures of prophets ;
(y) small portions of a vestment of orange
velvet, with conventional flowers. Fragments
of the orphreys are also included.

At Littledean, an altar-cloth or herse-
cloth is made of pieces of tunicles, the orphreys
having figures of saints under canopies. A
desk-hanging at Sutton Bengerf is similar
to the cloth at Littledean. It has been much
mutilated in the process of transformation
from a vestment. The altar-cloths at Nor-
wich and Buckland have been made from

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