Thursday, March 1, 2012

Golden Autumn - Levitan

Golden Autumn

On the right orphrey are
SS. Mary Magdalene (?), Bartholomew,
and Apollonia. The whole work is very
poor. The figures are short and clumsy;
the twisted columns have been replaced by
square pillars, and the foliations filling the
spandrels are large and misshapen.

Towards the close of the fifteenth century,
English ecclesiastical embroidery developed
a marked style, differing considerably from
that of earlier periods, and easily distin-
guished from contemporary foreign work.
Vestments dating from the half-century im-
mediately preceding the suppression of the
monasteries still remain in churches, others
are in private possession or in museums.
Many have found their way abroad at different
times, and through various causes, and some
of these have not yet gained recognition as
English work.*

The favourite ground material is a plain
velvet, although satin is frequently used, and
sometimes silk damask.

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